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Click on the image above to find  more FREE Early Years Printables  at www.littleowlsresources.com!

Click on the image above to find more FREE Early Years Printables at www.littleowlsresources.com!

Welcome to www.colourcutstick.com, a sister site of www.littleowlsresources.com. 😊

Due to the growth of our (FREE) Little Owls Resources website, all of our colouring pages are migrating here! Here you are able to download both individual and entire topic packs of colouring pages. In addition, this is also the home of all of our ‘Colour, Cut, Stick’ activities!

EVERYTHING on this website is FREE to download, so feel free to browse!

Co-created by husband and wife team Stu and Sara! All original drawings by Sara and final resources created by Stu. We hope you and your children have fun being creative, developing skills and learning!

Search our catalogue for colouring pages to inspire you and your children! Colouring practice strengthens fine motor control, encourages mindfulness and gives an outlet for creative expression. Children are also able to explore choice of colour, thus developing their own self awareness and expression and also consolidate the ability to make connections between ‘real life’ solid 3D objects and their 2D ‘flat’ representations.

Colour Cut Stick (Clean).png

In addition to colouring pages, www.colourcutstick.com is also the home of colouring resources with a twist! On our FREE educational resources site (www.littleowlsresources.com) we have been developing fun and engaging activities in all areas of learning and development for young children. Many children are now enjoying colouring, cutting and sticking our resources so much that we thought we’d create a dedicated ‘home’ for these specialised pages to make them more easily accessible to everyone! (Don’t worry, we will still have links from our original site from our topic pages to here for those of you who are used to finding out about our new colouring pages and colour, cut stick activities that way. 😊)

Look out for the Colour Cut Stick resources within our colouring topic catalogues!

  1. COLOUR your image

  2. CUT where appropriate

  3. STICK to another sheet of paper to finish off your creative learning experience!

Have fun!

We hope this helps!

Little Owls Resources - Colour Cut Stick - Husband and Wife Team 😊